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Character Trait of the Month: Citizenship

character trait november: citizenship

The Character Trait for November is Citizenship.

Citizenship is obeying the rules and working together to improve your community.

VPA of FL recognizes the following students for November!

Dominic C. is in Ms. Tucker’s kindergarten class. She says he is always there, being a good friend and supporting his classmates.

Freya P. is in Ms. Riney’s 2nd grade class. Ms. Riney says that Freya is always willing to help anyone and everyone with a smile. She has been an exemplary student assisting new students and Ms. Riney! She appreciated Freya leading the class when her microphone was acting up. Freya is a pleasure to have in class!

Wyatt E. is in Ms. Serrao’s 4th grade class. Ms. Serrao says that Wyatt is always ready to help and cheer his classmates on!

Franklin G. is in Ms. Amiel’s 5th grade class. Ms. Amiel says that Franklin (AKA Alex) is the best student citizen a teacher could ask for!! Franklin is fair, responsible, caring, kind, such a good listener, and always thoughtful and hard-working. He is someone she can rely on in the class and has become a role model for all his peers. He is a great sport and always follows the VPrep rules. His positive attitude is contagious; she is so lucky to be his teacher!

Rahiem B. is in Ms. Parton’s 8th grade science class. Ms. Parton says that Rahiem has a magnetic personality that could be used as an agent of chaos or an agent of good. And he somehow does both most magnificently. Rahiem makes class fun and engages with ALL his peers. She believes that he represents citizenship because he is always looking out for his peers and takes action as a leader to make sure all his classmates know what they are doing and feel successful. If we had a virtual student government, Rahiem would be an excellent representation of his peers. Good job, kiddo!

Addison H. is in Ms. Byrd’s Algebra 1 class. Ms. Byrd says that she is always positive and supportive of her peers. Addie brightens every day and always participates in class to the fullest!

Ceion S. is in Ms. Perini’s English class. Ms. Perini says that Ceion loves finding ways to engage.

Good job, everyone!

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