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This Kindergarten Language Arts course will teach students to identify and write all letters, produce letter sounds, and frequently used phonograms. Students will also master weekly sight words and reading and comprehension strategies to grow as readers. This course meets all Common Core Kindergarten Language Arts standards.



During the first semester, students will learn foundational math facts. They will learn to count to 12, ordinal numbers, compare sizes, put items in order, what a number line is and its uses, basic measurements such as inches and feet, and how to tell time on digital and analog clocks.

In the second semester, students learn to count to twenty. They work with comparing objects using the terms tall, longer, and shorter, and comparing two objects using the terms lighter and heavier. They will continue their exploration of basic geometric shapes such as cones and spheres. They will work with the concept of first, middle, and last.



Students in this course will use their senses to explore their world. Students experience nature walks, gardening, and imitative games by exploring varying concepts.



This course introduces students to their place in the community and the responsibilities of being a member of society. Significant figures of U.S. history, such as Pocahontas, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, are a focus of learning this semester.

In the second semester, students will explore map reading skills. They will learn to read maps of the U.S. and the world. From learning about location, how water is represented, and floor plans, students will gain map skills that will last a lifetime.



Elementary PE K-1 helps young learners establish a basic understanding of health and fitness. Students focus on health-related fitness and learn to become more fit and healthy. Topics of study include exercise safety, making healthy choices, and nutrition. They will learn the benefits, components, and principles of fitness, basic anatomy and physiology, and values of cooperation and teamwork. Students also learn age-appropriate motor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills. A regular physical activity program is mandatory for students.



This course provides a foundation for children’s inherent artistic imagination and creativity. They will study the basics of art and making art. Students will explore lines and circles, recognizing and using shapes, creating collages, and concepts such as symmetry.

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